WS Funraiser Bubbler


Solid three perc bubbler with round foot by WS

  • High-quality clear borosilicate glass
  • Comes with honeycomb, showerhead and swiss percolator
  • Easy to clean
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
  • WS logo and Ziggy Jacksons signature
  • 14.5 mm male ground joint
  • 14.5 mm female herb bowl
  • No carb hole
  • Round foot base

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WS Funraiser Bubbler

The Funraiser by WS is a powerful scientific bubbler designed for use with dry herbs that comes with three different percolator types for added filtration, cleaning and cooling of your smoke. This hand-made borosilicate glass bubbler has a fixed downstem attached to a showerhead percolator that forces the smoke to break up into lots of little bubbles before traveling up and through the HoneyComb disc percolator that divides and filters the smoke even more. The smoke is then further diffused and cooled by the swiss cheese style holes in the bubblers main body before exiting through the mouthpiece. This results in a cool, silky smooth hit that is packed with flavor and much easier on the throat and lungs.

The bubblers 14.5 mm male ground joint connects perfectly with the herb bowls 14.5 mm female joint. The bowl has a handle roll stopper for easy use and a pinched neck that prevent unwanted ash or herb crumbs from traveling into the bubblers water. A metal screen or glass sea mine can be placed in the herb bowl to help keep your water even cleaner. The bubblers rimmed mouthpiece has been perfectly angled for easy use and comfort. The bubbler comes with a round foot that provides excellent stability.

The 25 cm / 9.9 inch tall Funraiser is decorated with the WS Logo just below the mouthpiece and on the removable glass herb bowl. The designer Ziggy Jacksons signature can be found etched on the bubblers body. You will also notice that the bubblers neck has two maria’s on the stem. This is pushed glass, which results in a decorative bulge adding to the visual appeal and also providing you with extra grip.

This beautiful bubbler delivers rich, filtered hits and can be easily maintained making it the perfect choice for smokers who want a top performing piece that they can rely on. The Funraiser by WS is available to order today at, the number one smoke shop for quality bubblers, bongs and accessories at unbeatable prices. Pick your WS Funraiser up today while stocks last!