WS – Afterburner Matrix Perc Glass Straight Bong


Scientific glass bong with a robust matrix perc, from WS

Quality borosilicate glass construction
Stable round foot and stemless design
Clear glass 18.8mm slide bowl
WS Series logo and Ziggi Jackson signature
Ice notches
No carb hole


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WS – Afterburner Matrix Perc Glass Straight Bong
Just under one foot tall, this scientific glass bong from the WS Series features a robust, fixed matrix perc inside the extra-wide 65mm lower tube and three ice notches in its slender 37mm-wide upper tube. Its sleek, stemless design means that no downstem is required, and an 18.8mm clear glass slide bowl is included. The WS Series label is applied on the tube just below its comfortable, flared mouthpiece, along with designer Ziggi Jackson’s signature on the bottom of the base.