Vapman Classic set

  • Complete vaporizer set
  • Use with dry herbs
  • Compact and pocket friendly
  • Unrivaled taste & vapor quality
  • Handmade with love from the finest natural materials
  • 24k gold plated copper heating chamber
  • Fine layer of mica coating to retain heat better
  • Heat with included Jet lighter
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • High quality Olive tree wood from sustainable forestry
  • Available in a selection of mouthpiece styles
  • Select mouthpiece style in dropdown menu
  • Comes as a full kit
  • Delivered in a protective box
  • Easy to use and maintain


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About the Vapman Classic Set

The Vapman Classic Set is a battery-free, next-generation thermal extraction device designed for vaping dry herbs. The hand-crafted Vapman Classic is a portable vaporizer that uses an additional heat source to extract smooth, clean-tasting vapor from dry herbs. 

The set includes all the tools and accessories needed to get the most out of your precious herbs and comes with a jet lighter and a P.O.M. (plastic), Inox (premium stainless steel), Titanium, or Wooden mouthpiece. 

The Vapman Classic Vaporizer

The Vapman Classic Vaporizer consists of a mouthpiece, a middle piece with a removable filter, air holes to control air intake, and a base piece. The base piece features a 24k gold plated copper heating chamber that provides excellent conduction for fast and efficient heating. 

The base piece is also coated with a fine layer of mica [layer mineral] to protect the wood from carbonization. The mica is a natural material and is harmless and acts as a heat reflector for increased efficiency. 

The heating chamber’s built-in brass nozzles prevent the inhalation of butane gas and deliver hot air into the chamber for superior vapor production. 

All the pieces connect seamlessly to form the Vapman Classic Vaporizer and can easily be detached for cleaning and maintenance.

How to use the Vapman Classic

  • Detach the middle piece from the base piece by twisting counterclockwise to expose the heating chamber.
  • Use the included funnel to load your herbs into the heating chamber and reattach the middle and base piece. 
  • Heat the loaded chamber by pointing the tip of your jet flame to the tip of the heating chamber for approximately three seconds. 
  • Now you can inhale through the mouthpiece for rich, tasty hits. 
  • Air intake can be controlled by covering or leaving open the air holes located in the middle piece for a more tailored vaping experience. 
  • With practice, you will find the perfect flame size and heating time for your unique vaping preferences. 

Clever design and easy functionalities

Every Vapman Classic has a sleek, natural, and unique wooden design that looks great and feels amazing to use. The Vapman is easy to clean and maintain and is compact enough to be slipped into a pocket or purse for safe and easy transport. 

The simple loading system combined with the jet flame heating enables you to vape in a matter of seconds, and the three optimally positioned air holes offer a more customizable vaping experience. 

The Vapman Classic Set is ideal for both new and more experienced vapers and it is currently available with four different mouthpiece designs: P.O.M. (plastic), Inox (premium stainless steel), Titanium, or a Wooden mouthpiece. please select the mouthpiece design of choice from the available options in the dropdown menu when placing your order.

The Vapman Classic Set comes with all the accessories listed below and only uses carefully selected wood from sustainable forests in its build. All the parts are made in Italy and Switzerland from natural materials of the highest quality. 

Olive wood has been used in construction because it is native to Italy, therefore making it environmentally friendly. This sustainable approach is further supported by the fact that a tree is planted for every Vapman that is sold.

Set includes: 

1 x Vapeman Classic Device

1 x Carefully selected Vapeman Jet lighter

1 x Cleaning Set – Brush and metal tool

1 x Protective case made from Hemp

1 x FSC Certified protective wooden box with slide lid

1 x Hemp pouch

1 x Filling funnel

1 x Instruction manual