Tsunami Glass Rocktapus Bong with Rocket Perc and Spore Perc


Intergalactic design and amazing percolation

Quality borosilicate glass
Fixed downstem
Male 18.8mm joint
Female 18.8mm clear glass slide bowl with handle
Rocket Percolator
Spore percolator
Eight external cooling tubes
Extra thick stable round foot
Gold Tsunami Glass logo
Colored accents
Available in amber, green and blue


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Tsunami Glass Rocktapus Bong with Rocket Perc and Spore Perc
Get blown away by its percolation power and amazing futuristic design. The Rocktapus bong by Tsunami Glass has all the features to launch you right into space. It is equipped with a rocket percolator that consist of four slitted rocket-shaped diffusers, a spore percolator and eight external cooling tubes that work together to provide you that perfectly smooth hit.
As the smoke travels through the fixed downstem it reaches the rocket percolator where it exits through the multiple slits in the four slitted rocket-shaped diffusers. The slits divide the smoke into smaller particles, increasing the surface area and cooling the smoke down significantly.
From there the smoke splits eight ways through the external cooling tubes, where it reaches the spore percolator for even more filtration. As it exits through the mouthpiece all that’s left is that perfectly smooth hit that is full of flavor, but gentle on the throat and lungs.
The Rocktapus bong is made from clear, high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand extreme temperatures. Besides all clear, it is also available with colored accents that can be found on the handle of the bowl, the percolators and on the rim of the mouthpiece and foot of the bong. It is available with the colored accents in: amber, green and blue. Please select the color of your preference from the dropdown menu when you place your order.