Pot Hit Aluminum Dug-Out System


Discreet aluminum dug-out system

  • Made from quality CNC-machined aluminum
  • Discreet portable design
  • Metal one hitter pipe included
  • Comes in random color depending on availability


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Pot Hit Aluminum Dug-Out System

The Pot Hit Dug-Out System is a huge advancement in dug-out technology. Expertly crafted from quality CNC-machined aluminum and designed to provide you with a hit of your favorite smoking mixture whenever and wherever you are.

Place your herb into the Pot Hit Dug-Out System’s stash base. Once it’s filled, preferably with not too dry a mix, then replace the lid and then push the one hitter pipe (bowl first) through the hole in the lid and push all the way down to the bottom of the base. Now simply remove the one hitter pipe gently and light the end for an enjoyable toke!

The Pot Hit comes delivered in a random color, depending on availability.