Pax Keychain Multi-Tool


Easy loading and unloading of your Pax Vaporizer

  • Designed in San Francisco
  • Black tamper for loading
  • Silver pick for unloading
  • Handy key ring
  • Compatible with Pax 2 & 3


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Pax Keychain Multi-Tool

The Pax Keychain Multi-Tool is the perfect tool for packing and unpacking the oven of your Pax Vaporizer with great ease. It features two parts: a black tamper for loading the Pax and a silver pick for getting rid of all the leftover material in a matter of seconds.

The two parts are held together by a key ring, which enables you to attach the tool your keys, so you always have them handy, even when you are out and about. The Pax Keychain Multi-Tool is specifically designed to clean the oven of the Pax 2 and Pax 3 vaporizer; it won’t fit the Pax 1.