Mini Hookah – Acrylic and Metal Waterpipe with Hose

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An affordable mini version of a classic shisha pipe!

  • Compact size
  • Detachable hose
  • Color of base, hose and stem may vary from photo
  • Star cut-out lid attached by chain


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Mini Hookah – Acrylic and Metal Waterpipe with Hose

If you’re looking for an unusual and new waterpipe to try out, or if you’ve been curious about shisha pipes, here is your chance to own a compact and affordable version of the classic hookah pipe! This mini hookah pipe measures nearly 8 inches tall including the lid, which is attached by a chain and features small stars cut-outs in the metal. The stem holds the large bowl at the top and ends in a metal downtube — unscrew this piece to fill the colored acrylic water chamber. The hose attachment has rubber rings at the end for a secure fit and easy removal. The whole piece stands on a silver metal base.

The color of the water chamber, the hose, and the color and design of the stem may vary from the photo.