Glasscity Limited Edition Beaker Bamboo Bong


Get zen in style with this elegant beaker bong

  • Green high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Bamboo shaped tube
  • 18.8mm ground joint
  • Inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser
  • Ideal downstem length: 13 cm / 5.1 inches
  • Worked glass 14.5mm panda bowl
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Golden Glasscity Limited Edition decal on tube and base


Glasscity Limited Edition Beaker Bamboo Bong

Glasscity has launched a limited edition line of high-quality glass bongs designed and developed by Grasscity. The limited edition collection by Glasscity is the perfect combination of quality, durability and reliability and all of that for a very affordable price. They will only be available for a short period, so don’t hesitate too long and grab yours while you can.

The elegant, green bamboo bong is part of the Glasscity Limited Edition collection. It is made from the finest green borosilicate glass and equipped with a spacious base, bamboo shaped tube and inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem for optimal filtration of the smoke.

To complete the look, the bamboo bong comes delivered with a cute, worked, 14.5mm panda bowl with roll stopper ears, which prevents it from rolling when placed on a flat surface. The Maria’s (pushed glass) on the tube not only look great, but they also provide you with excellent grip. Both the tube, as well as the beaker base, are decorated with a shiny golden Glasscity Limited Edition decal.

Feel one with nature and order your very own Glasscity Limited Edition Beaker Bamboo Bong today at