Glass Straight Ice Bong with Honeycomb Disc and Tree Perc

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Double percolation power for a bargain price

  • High quality clear glass construction
  • Honeycomb disc perc
  • 6-arm tree percolator
  • Reinforced fixed downstem
  • 18.8mm female joint
  • 18.8mm male herb bowl with handle
  • Stable circular foot
  • Ice notches
  • No carb hole
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
  • Available with colored accents in several colors


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Glass Straight Ice Bong with Honeycomb Disc and Tree Perc

This scientific glass bong comes with a reinforced, stemless design and is equipped with double percolation power. This straight shooter is packed with wonderful features, such as: a reinforced fixed downstem, a honeycomb disc and a dome percolator, all working together seamlessly to provide powerful filtration to your smokey hits. Ice notches are located in the bongs tube so you have the option to place a few ice cubes in the bong for a frosty touch to your hits. The rimmed mouthpiece perfectly curls around your lips and the circular foot provides great stability, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping forward. The included 18.8mm male herb bowl with handle connects perfectly with the bongs 18.8mm female joint and the handle makes it easy to lift the bowl, without burning your fingers.

As you inhale, the smoke is pulled through the reinforced, fixed downstem and up through the holes in the honeycomb disc. Numerous holes in the honey comb disc separate and break up the smoke into smaller particles before it continues through the dome percolator for even more filtration. Try placing a few ice cubes in the tube for an even cooler, filtered hit that’s not only full of flavor, but cooler, which makes it less harsh on the throat and lungs.

This affordable straight percolator ice bong is ideal for sharing with friends and will last for years if maintained and cleaned correctly. It comes in a clear design with colored accents. It is available with the colored accents in the following colors: black, blue, teal and white. Select your favorite color in the dropdown menu when you place your order. Get the double percolation power you deserve and order your glass straight ice bong with honeycomb disc and tree percolator today for an unbeatable price at Grasscity, the number one stop for all your smoking needs.