Chewy Grinder


Ergonomic one hand push button action electric grinder

  • High-quality carbon steel blades
  • High-quality polycarbonate body
  • Discrete and portable design
  • Revolutionary one hand push button action
  • Effortlessly grinds in seconds
  • Pour hole with rubber safety cap
  • Two gram storage capacity
  • Powered by a 9 volt battery
  • Comes with instruction manual and cleaning brush
  • Blades can be rotated in either direction

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Chewy Electric Grinder

The Chewy electric grinder is a truly unique, discrete and portable grinder that enables you to effortlessly grind your herb almost anywhere! The Chewy features a durable polycarbonate body and is powered by a 9 volt battery that gives 10 hours of continuous use.

The grinder features a revolutionary loading and grinding system that allows you to safely store your herb and with a push of a button, grind up your buds into a fluffy, manageable consistency. The Chewy is equipped with a two gram capacity, spring loaded herb chamber that when activated pushes the buds into the rotating carbon steel blades. The specially designed, self cleaning blades avoid unwanted compression by pulling the buds into the rotation to achieve a fine grind.

You can easily load your rolling paper, pipe, vaporizer or bowl while you grind by removing the rubber safety cap on the pour hole or just grind and safely store your mix for later without worry of loss or spills.

The ergonomic one hand push button action means that the blades are able to rotate in either direction for an incredibly fine grind. This makes the grinder perfect for medical patients who have limited use of their hands or have joint or muscle pains that stop them from using conventional grinders. The grinder comes in a box with a double ended cleaning brush and an instruction manual.

This stealthy electric grinder is compact enough to be slipped into a pocket or bag when not in use and will last for years if looked after correctly. It is super easy to use, clean and maintain, which makes it a great choice for every day use. This handy electric herb grinder is available to order today, while stocks lasts, at the number one online head shop

Check out this video for more info and a demonstration on the Chewy Electric Herb Grinder!