Blaze Glass Stemless Recycler Bubbler with Hourglass Diffuser


Compact recycler bubbler with hourglass diffuser

  • Made from quality borosilicate glass
  • 14.5mm female joint
  • 14.5mm male herb bowl with rollstopper arm
  • Slitted hourglass diffuser
  • Stable thick base
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
  • Bent neck
  • Silver Blaze Glass logo


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Blaze Glass Stemless Recycler Bubbler with Hourglass Diffuser

This solid recycler bubbler from Blaze Glass is made from 3mm thick, clear borosilicate glass and has been built to last! The bubbler measures 21 cm / 8.3 inches in height and has a reinforced, fixed downstem with a 14.5mm female joint. It comes complete with a removable, 14.5mm male herb bowl that fits perfectly in the downstems female joint. The herb bowl has a handle on the side for easy removal that also acts as an excellent rollstopper.

The bubbler comes equipped with a slitted hourglass funnel diffuser that bubbles up the smoke into the connecting chamber that cools and swirls the smoke vigorously. The smoke gets recycled through the clear glass tubes for extra filtering and cooling, creating a perfectly smooth hit. By re-filtering the smoke, more toxins and chemicals are taken out resulting in a hit that is much softer on the lungs and still packed with flavor. The stable base and rimmed mouthpiece on the end of the bent neck are made from extra thick glass that feels super comfortable to use. The Blaze Glass logo can be found on the bent neck of this piece in silver.

This durable compact stemless recycler bubbler is small enough to take out and about with you but it also makes the perfect piece to enjoy on your own. Check out our range of Blaze Glass bubblers, bongs and accessories available to order today at the number one smoke shop