Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer Pipe | 11.5 cm


Glass hand pipe for vaping concentrates and oil!

  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Light from underneath
  • Black Leaf’s OiL logo in black


Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer Pipe | 11.5 cm

The oil glass vaporizer pipe from Black Leaf is a simple pipe constructed from durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The hand pipe measures 11.5 cm / 4.5 inches in length and is small enough to be slipped into a pocket or purse when not in use. To use the glass vaporizer, carefully heat the bowl with a lighter from underneath to vaporize your favorite concentrates and essential oils! This cool hand pipe from Black Leaf’s Oil series features the Black Leaf Oil decal in black along the stem and has a flat ended mouthpiece.

This simple and effective glass oil vaporizer pipe is the perfect piece to take with you while out and about. Check out our wide range of affordable pipes, bubblers, bongs and accessories available to order today at the number one smoke shop